Welcome to Senior Adults Legal Assistance

What is SALA?


SALA is a non-profit elder law office whose mission is to support older persons in their efforts to live safely, independently, non-institutionalized, and with dignity. Established in 1973, SALA provides free legal services and community education to Santa Clara County residents who are age 60 or older. There is no income eligibility qualification to use SALA’s services.


SALA’s attorney staff provides a range of legal services from simple advice/referrals to comprehensive legal representation. SALA’s caseload consists of legal matters that private attorneys typically do not handle and that have a great impact on elders most in need in our community. For more information on SALA's services please click here.


How We Deliver Services  

SALA’s goal is to provide quality legal services to our clients. To that end, SALA prefers to meet personally with clients so that we can fully review their legal matters and relevant documents. Except for certain types of urgent matters, which are handled through our telephone "HOTLINE", SALA is not able to provide general legal advice by phone.


Senior Center Appointments - SALA’s services are provided primarily through appointments at senior centers in Santa Clara County. Appointments are scheduled by calling the centers. See the Appointment Locations link on this website for a list of these locations and their phone numbers.


Home Visits - SALA attorneys also make home visits to institutionalized and homebound elders. To arrange a home visit, contact SALA’s Central Office at (408) 295-5991.


Urgent Matters - Urgent legal assistance, for matters that meet our emergency guidelines, is also available by calling SALA’s "HOTLINE" at (408) 295-5991. Currently SALA is handling the following types of matters through our HOTLINE:

  • Elder Abuse
  • Termination of Public Benefits
  • Sheriff’s Evictions (on a case by case basis)

SALA will make every effort to conduct an emergency telephone intake and assessment within 48 business hours for clients with that call our HOTLINE with above-described problems. Please note that our emergency case guidelines are subject to change depending on our current active caseload and the availability of our attorney resources.


Elders with such emergency matters, or individuals wishing to refer such elders, should contact the SALA HOTLINE. The 48-hour response time is limited to "emergency" cases only, so it is important to provide us with as much information as possible to help us assess whether the case meets our emergency guidelines. When making a referral, we need the client’s name, phone number, a brief factual summary, and any critical dates or deadlines.




SALA is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider to all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, actual or perceived gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic or national origin, or familial status. 


SALA targets services to persons aged 60 or older.


 SALA’s services are funded in part by: Sourcewise ∙ Legal Services Trust Fund Program ∙ Equal Access Fund ∙ California Department of Aging ∙ County of Santa Clara ∙ City of Campbell ∙ City of Cupertino ∙ City of Milpitas ∙ City of Mountain View ∙ City of Palo Alto ∙ City of San Jose ∙ City of Santa Clara ∙ City of Sunnyvale ∙ Silicon Valley Campaign for Legal Services